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World-class lighting for world-class homes.

Transformation With a Touch

Illuminate Your World

Choose the right light to match your mood, the time of day, and the way you wish to put your home on display.

With intuitive controls and incredible lighting design with an array of brightness, warmth, and color options, you'll experience your home as never before.

Natural Light

As your smart shades rise slowly at the beginning of the day you replace harsh, "yellow" lighting with warm, natural light that seamlessly moves from the indoors to the outdoors.

Natural light: A selling point in any home. The lighting people look for. Now you don't have to rely on windows alone. You can allow this beautiful light to wash over every corner of the room, creating a cheerful, gorgeous space..

Enhance Artwork

Vibrant color and top-notch style begins with light. We install lighting systems that allow your one-of-a-kind art pieces and thoughtfully-created interior design truly shine. Transform the way that you see your space with Ketra full-spectrum light.

We'll help you see your world as you've never seen it before.

Set the Mood With Customized Controls

Our lighting systems let you play with color your way. Why enjoy just one decor when you can temporarily bathe your space in all the colors of the rainbow? 

The right light for a romantic dinner for two.

Vibrant blues and purples that will get people dancing. 

Your favorite sports team's colors for your Superbowl party.

A gentle glow for cocktail hour.

Optimize Productivity

Set your light to its energizing, cheerful best and get more out of your workday. Control the visibility of your home office workspace and get more done each day.

The Products You Trust

These products have been trusted by architects, lighting designers, builders, and interior designers for years. They have the reputation, the optics, and the options that will ensure you enjoy an incredible experience.

We use trusted Ketra lighting fixtures in a wide variety of shapes and configurations to create lighting perfection that lasts, and intuitive Lutron controls that offer a wide variety of keypad, dimmer, and switch options. 

Luminous Luxury for Over 35 Years

We'll never abandon your home or your lighting project. We service projects as necessary. In fact, we're still servicing projects we installed over 35 years ago. It's not just about experience, it's about staying power. We stay on top of cutting-edge technology while continuing to scout, hire, and train top talent, ensuring we'll be here at least another quarter of a century, and beyond.

At Facilities Electric, we don't just create "smart homes." We create living experiences worth coming home to.

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